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The wisdom of the holy month of Ramadan is the sense of the poor and the needy and the self-evaluation and control, but it often increases our weight during this month despite the lack of food we ate or drink for long hours of fasting. We have submitted before the Diet of Ramadan, the most popular and which you can loss of 15 kg of weight during the holy month, a meals for breakfast and suhoor can be formed including a large number of days freely without getting bored. Today is pleased rapid slimming magazine first of its kind the Arab world to provide more than diet and one Ramadan to enable each individual to find the right diet that can losing a lot of weight during the month of Ramadan by Oclath favorite, weight and style of his life, hoping to deliver a topic on Admire and share it with the Whom It May Concern for the benefit for everyone, and S queries or comments please leave comments below Bracken will be answered as soon as possible.

Ramadan fitter diet to lose 12 kg of fat mass of the body without irreversible
First: Breakfast:
2 cups of water bead + pass one
Second, after the prayer:
2 cups of water + protein soup + bread slice 40 grams + salad
Third, in the evening:
2 cups of water +2 fruit fruit +2 glass of water
Fourth: suhoor meal:
2 cups of water +1 cup of milk or yogurt tray, preferably free or low-fat + fruit, banana +2 glass of water
Important instructions during the period of the accursed follow:
1. forbidden sugar and salt intake.
2. when feeling to land must be taken tablespoon of honey bees.
3. must exercise for a period ranging between 35: 40 minutes day after day.

Ramadan diet to lose 10 kilos in the holy month easy
First: Breakfast:
2 cups of water +3 dates
Second, after the prayer:
Ramadan soup (listed after the accursed No. 3) +2 Samosas oven + dish problem salad + small house of eat dish
Third, after evening prayers:
2 fruit or fruit dish fruit salad or a cup of fresh juice natural unsweetened
Fourth: suhoor meal:
1 cup yogurt natural +5 dates or a banana, or 2 apricot fruit
Important instructions during the period of the accursed follow:
1. should drink 3 liters of water during breakfast period.
2. must get used during the period following the accursed onwards to eat slowly zest for him as long as possible and feeling full quickly.
3. should exercise for 40 minutes almost day by day.

Ramadan soup, the perfect dish Ramadan which you can loss of 12 kg of weight during Ramadan without diet. It is a dish soup delicious, nutritious and useful in a few calories and the same time help to lose weight without depriving him of vitamins required
First: Ingredients and components:
200 grams chicken breast
2 tablets zucchini
1 pill Islands
Pill draw
Balls (leek)
Piece of cheese triangles
Second, the way the soup of Ramadan:
1. clean vegetables and chicken and then cut them.
2. Add the water and let the mixture on fire.
3. Add the piece of cheese before mixing directly.
Instructions and important tips:
1. must stay away from salt and replace it with lemon.
2. can rely on soup dish meal independent and not necessarily taken up with Diet Ramadan (2).
3. 2 can eat fruit fruit, equivalent to 250 grams with such power and 40 grams of bread in the oven or Samosas.
4. should drink 3 liters of water during breakfast period.
5. should drink a spoonful of honey to a cup of water during the evening.
6. when you feel hungry must eat soup.
7. are eating yogurt naturally in suhoor meal.
8. quail once a week.

Ramadan diet to lose 15 kilos without depriving
First: the suhoor meal:
1 cup of milk +7 dates +2 glass of water
Second: Breakfast:
2 cups of water + fruit, fruit
Third, after the prayer:
2 cups of soup +5 tablespoons of eating home +1 Samosas +40 grams of bread or 5 tablespoons rice
Fourthly: During the evening:
2 fruit or fruit cup fresh natural juice or fruit salad dish
Important instructions during the period of the accursed follow:
1. As usual, you should drink 2: 3 liters of water per day.
2. You should avoid adding salt or add 1/4 teaspoon before eating.
3. must exercise three times a week for 40 minutes.

Ramadan diet to lose 10 kilos in 30 days without depriving
First, breakfast and during the evening:
Listed below quantity available to eat since breakfast and even meal suhoor so that the cooking and distribution by the desire audit clause in the functioning of the food and not the amendment to the amounts.
200 grams meat to taste without fat
250 gram green color
200 grams assorted vegetables
1 tablespoon oil
40 grams of bread or 4 tablespoons rice or potato
1 natural yogurt or cheese triangle tray
150 g fruit
A cup of tea or coffee without sugar

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