Breakfast: same breakfast the first week

3:30:00 PM

Before noon: eat a grain of fresh fruit juice or fruit juice apples or carrots.

Food: If you like to eat grilled fish or a can of tuna because they are rich in vitamins such as omega 3. You have to choose the meal of the following meals:
- Grilled fish, a quarter of a loaf of bread, a salad.
- Quarter of grilled chicken or boiled, cucumber salad, milk, rice dish quarter.
- 200 grams of grilled meat or boiled 0.2 toast, salad vegetables without oil (may be replaced Authority cup milk and option)

Take one tablet of fruits or three beads pass.

- You eat snacks so you can feel satisfied and agility. 2 you can eat toast, a small piece of low-fat cheese, a teaspoon of low-fat yoghurt.
- Boiled egg, a cup of milk, a dish salad.
- 3 tablespoons soy poached.

The third and fourth week

Three to five beads pass.

Before noon: eat fruits and grains especially a banana or an apple or a piece of watermelon.

SELECT meal of the following meals:
- A quarter of a chicken or grilled fish, grilled meat or boiled, or from 3 to 5 beads Shish Taouk.
- Boiled egg, or milk option.

a small grain of fruit.

SELECT meal of the following meals:
- 2 toast, a small piece of cheese, salad.
- A glass of milk, lettuce, grain of kiwi and orange.

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