Fast diet to lose weight before important occasions

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Fast diet to lose weight before important occasions  Diet fast before events

- This diet is very difficult is the health systems that Tvkdk kilogram of weight per day, or losing more weight in a few days, and fit its implementation in case you were invited to the ceremony or occasion after several days and want to lose weight the right way, and there you time to work diet for a long time.

- It is characterized by the diet that provides you with all the nutrients, vegetables, fruit, protein and natural juices and prevents you from drinking tea or coffee but without sugar, and should drink water frequently.

- And now we offer you a fast diet loses 4 kg in just four days.
Fast diet

Breakfast: unified on all days:

- An apple or an orange or grapefruit fruit - tea or coffee without sugar
- A loaf of whole wheat toast

First day

- 2 burger or grilled filet - a quarter of a loaf of bread or toast, a slice of whole wheat
- Lettuce and tomato salad without seasoning and can add a little salt
- You can eat fruit fruit food after three hours
- 2 boiled egg. - The average size of green beans boiled dish
- You can eat a cup of juice after dinner about three hours.

the second day

- Steak red - green salad dish - cup tomato juice

- Sauteed vegetable dish consisting of boiled zucchini and green beans - boiled cauliflower
- You can eat a cup apple juice without sugar after dinner at about 3 hours.

the third day

- Green salad dish - a quarter of pullet boiled or grilled
- You can take a glass of orange juice after lunch about three hours

- Piece Burger - grilled tomato
- Can eat cup peach juice after dinner about three hours

the fourth day

- 2 boiled egg - a medium-sized dish of boiled green beans
- Cup tomato juice

- 2 Burger grilled or roast fillet - lettuce salad
- Can eat cup pineapple juice without sugar after dinner about three hours

 * Important Notes*
- You must walk half an hour a day at least.
- Drink enough water.
- Desalination after dinner three hours.
 - Do not eat any food after seven in the evening.

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