Best Weight Loss Tips

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 Hi and welcome always to our site weight loss calculator So in this topic z I give you the best tips to lose weight in a short period :

1.Avoid eating while watching TV

Research has proven that if you consume your dinner (or any other meal) while watching TV, you can eat up to 40% more calories than normal price, not recommended By engaging to watch TV or read books or other while eating.

2.Verification of weight per day

To maintain the test weight on a regular basis gives you a permanent warning day after day, it will motivate you to control eating and choose your food more wisely.7

3. Eating fruits daily

Regularly eating fruit a day keeps your belly full and keeps you away from eating junk, and fruits rich in fiber, and will be 
good for your body.

 4.Sports exercices :

Sport is the best proven way to lose weight in just days and depending on the effort exerted in your sports exercices.
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