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7 Minutes of Google holder Fit exercises now!
More than 3,000,000 users like 7 minutes workout, Scientifically proven weight loss improves cardiovascular function &
If you want to lose weightand fitness , have a flat stomach, getting the perfect body. please try our 7 minutes abs workout, it will help strengthen the abdominal, also with videos on how to perform each exercise.

High intensity 7 minute workout to lose weight, tone muscles, burn fat and improve cardiovascular health based on a study of McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.
A virtual personal trainer to motivate and guide you.

A specific workout designed to burn fat in the shortest time possible.

Lumowell offers you a great workout for weight loss, toning legs and arms, tone your butt and have a flat stomach in a short period of time.

The drive of 7 minutes is the most popular one! The most suitable training to ordinary people like you and me, you can do them anywhere, it only takes 7 minutes.

Applying 7 minutes drive is based on the hict (high-intensity drive circuit), the most "safe, effective and efficient" way to improve your muscular and cardiovascular fitness. Try and get in shape.

It only takes 7 minutes with 12 exercises to 30 seconds and 10 second pauses between. You only need a chair and a wall, made the circuit 2-3 times depending on the time you have.

Characteristics :
The voice tells you when to continue or rest;
Adjust the length of the circuit depending on your situation;
Adjusts pause time;
The screen stays on during training;
Fine character and design of the UI;
The log shows the complete training time;
- Advanced exercises for more effective results
- Weekly meal plans to develop healthy eating habits and lose weight fast
- No advertising
- Stretching cool down workout that help you relax and improve the muscle's elasticity
- 30 day challenge workout

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