I exercise but I’m not losing weight.. Why?

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A healthy diet and exercise is necessary to lose weight and the key to having the body of your dreams.
Despite the fact that sports are the best way to burn calories in the body same women are not losing weight.
But there are several reasons why you are not losing weight, read them below and make sure you avoid them:

    Eating snacks that are high in calories after sports like chips and French fries. So it is better to replace them with fresh fruits or natural yoghurt.

    If you workout in la gym make sure you focus on doing exercises, don’t waste your time on drinking water and random chats with others.

    Although juices are considered health drinks, they do contain a lot of calories and they prevent weight loss. You should drink water instead.

    Make sure to diversify the sports that you are doing, such as walking, jogging and doing cardio exercises for enough time, and don’t just stick to weight lifting.

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