Use This Magic Potion to Cure Kidney Stones

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"Kidneys" perform several vital functions in the body; one of their most important duties is filtering the blood of toxins and removing waste through urine. Despite this, there are some unhealthy eating habits, which lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body, which puts an additional burden on the kidneys.

Therefore, kidney and liver cleansing is necessary and everyone should take to keep their vital organs healthy and able to do its functions. According «justhealthylife» There are a number of herbs that work to prevent kidney disease, stones kidney and prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body like parsley.

Parsley can cleanse the kidneys because it contains an abundant amount of vitamins, including vitamin C, A,K that are rich in essential minerals such as iron which the kidneys dependents upon on to work.

In addition to   Parsley's ability to kidney cleanse it also has a range of medicinal properties to improve your health. It is an anti-microbial, it helps against anemia and clotting, and works to reduce blood fat and prevents liver poisoning, reduces high blood pressure, and is known as a natural diuretic, and compensates the lack of blood sugar and helps regulates the menstrual cycle.

Finally, parsley is very effective in the treatment of kidney stones and it helps push them out, and parsley tea helps the process of getting rid of the urine out of the body. Parsley tea prevents absorption of salt in the tissues, thereby protecting the kidney and liver in performing their cleaning.
Here are directions for preparing Parsley Tea for total detoxification.


- A handful of fresh parsley.

- 8 cups of water.

- 2 tbsp of honey.

- Half a lemon juice.


- Parsley, wash well and cut into large pieces.

- Boil water over medium heat.

- When the water reaches the boiling point add the parsley and reduce heat.

- Simmer for 10 minutes.

- Take of the heat and let it cool, then add lemon juice and honey.

- Take one cup or 2 per day.

- If end up making a large amount of the tea, you can be saved in the refrigerator and drink it them every week.

- In the case of a person suffering from kidney disease, It is advised to consult a doctor before drinking parsley tea.

- Is necessary to know that parsley tea is NOT preferred for pregnant women because it can lead to menstrual cycle and abortion.

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