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Swimming: This is a great exercise that has a lot of medical benefits that can lead to excess weight loss, it will help you burn calories without presenting strains to your body joints, while swimming is great for everyone trying to burn some calories, swimming will work with most muscles in your body This means that the heart and lungs work together to supply them with enough oxygen which will give your cardiovascular system an excellent exercise session.
You don’t have to  be a pro swimmer if you enjoy swimming for fun, then it will be idea you take it up as an exercise to help tone you down, any exercise that makes you breathe fast is actually good for your body and swimming does that, it simply means your body is working hard and if you keep doing it your heart and lungs get stronger with time and you will be able to swim for longer periods this is really good for the heart and will also lower your blood pressure.
Today there are many swimming pools with weight loss programs which are great for you and with time you can make friends and have fun exercising with like minds, some swimming pools will hold aqua aerobics sessions which is a great way to have fun losing weight in the process. You could also give water polo a try it’s also great.
 Benefits of Swimming for Weight Loss
While swimming your body needs to work continuously because you are propelling yourself forward doing so provides your muscles with constant resistance exercise which is great and can help build up strength and muscles in the upper part of your body. Swimming is also great for people who can’t take part in other cardio exercises, so swimming is great for all especially for older people.
Besides weight loss swimming has some other benefits that are also great for the body.

•    Swimming can speed up the recovery process of an injury, this technique is used mostly by athletes, it can also work for anyone, since swimming needs endurance and resilience it is a great way to build up muscles and repair torn tissues in the body, so you know anyone injured you could suggest swimming it’s a great rehabilitation program.

    Swimming is generally fun, that’s why doctors or weight loss experts would suggest swimming as an exercise to not just to drop some pounds but also lower your blood pressure, so it will be great fun ride if you take your family out for some quality family time and in doing so burn some calories.

    Swimming is also a fabulous way to relax, take some quality time off work, you know what they say all work and no play, your body needs the play and swimming is also a great way to relax the brain and muscles in the body.

Swimming routine combined with a well-balanced diet can set you up for great weight loss goals, but it’s actually for people who have decided commit themselves to it, if you are tired of being little or too over weighted and you are determined to lose weight, having this goal in mind you should spend at least 40 – 60 minutes a day in the pool, and 4 – 6 days in a week this will definitely do the wonders.

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